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2007 : Wasted Waves of Love

Ecrit et enregistré entre fin 2005 et 2007. Comparé à mon premier disque, celui-ci est plus électro, sombre, intimiste. Quelques touches folk viennent relever le tout ("City Streets", "The Ministry of Winter")

Les textes abordent le thème des relations humaines... Le fait d'essayer de communiquer ... de se connecter aux autres. C'est dans cet esprit que doit être compris le titre.

titres en écoute sur myspace.com/skyscraperfrench/music/songs (certains de "Wasted Waves of Love", certains plus anciens, d'autres plus récents)


01 Vincent
02 James (nouvelle version 2007)
03 Students
04 Lazy Eyes (nouvelle version 2007)
05 City Streets
06 June will be better ("empty heart" version)
07 The Ministry of Winter
08 Kafka Telephone Maison
09 Résilience
10 Leave



All the students think they are freaks
Just because their hair is tweaked
On saturday they party, so they think they are free
Must be someone pulling the strings
Once they’re convinced they’re on the good side
They are ready to be tied

Cause it’s not the middle-class executives who rule the world, so
Although everybody’s been telling you that school would make you an important man
If you’re not born in the uptown, it’s not just your degree that will save you from slavery

But students don’t care, they just think about their hair
Cause Mum and Dad are so proud, they give their credit card
You are so cool now, but soon they’ll take you for a cow
With a tie around your neck, then will be the time of regrets

But for now, you’re a student
You go out like all the students
Losing your time, drinking and singing stupid songs :
La la la la, I’m a student
La la la la, I’m a student

June will be better

He raised his eyes
No need to say
That warm embrace faded away
And as we fall out of the bed
It's strange to think of the words we said

Lose some blood, just for a laugh
Picking the hours out of my mouth
Don't say a word about your past
That kind of secret never last

Chorus           Although we're close
We cannot really catch each other
Maybe in june, things will get better
Although we're close
We cannot really catch each other
Maybe in june, we'll look for a shelter
I assume, things will get better

A cloud of smoke makes me lonely
Brings to my mind painful memories
A public clock ticking slowly
A sinking sun in front of me

There is no use for pretending
I know that nothing's everlasting
I wanted to find the things they described me
But now my heart is perfectly empty

The Ministry of Winter

It’s early morning, I see a man who gets out of his home
He goes to work, a paper creature, outside it’s cold
A kind of fog fills the streets, and dresses all the lights with a halo
The day is late, the night lingers, I wonder if I’ll ever see the sun again

In this city, everybody works at the ministry of winter
here are plenty of things to do
Make sure that there are no leaves left on the trees
Make sure that every passer-by is bitten by the breeze
At the ministry of winter...

Some people locked at the highest floor of a modern tower
Have decided that, for everyone, winter was the best time
People are more productive when they don’t think about the sunshine
Those desperate dreams of freedom seem to disappear from their eyes


I see this man, the same as before, he steps into the bus
He keeps his feelings in a box, and the key is full of frost
Arriving at the ministry, his heart breaks silently
He’ll spend one more day, thinking about ways to make the winter colder, always colder