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Skyscraper is an independant musician. He writes, records and performs songs mixing indie rock, pop, folk & electronica.

Since 2014, Benoit Cassina plays music under his real name and no longer uses the name Skyscraper. He now performs songs with french lyrics and a "spoken word" flavor. He still maintains this site, though.

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"Some people can show you the world in a different light, make it more beautiful or colorful [...] can rebuild the universe for the time of some songs, make you fly, forget everyday life. [...] a certain courage [...] we'll remember the name of this sound creator, this delicate singer. The travel that he proposes, lets us moved, or confused, but in any case doesn't let indifferent."

"A UFO... [...] A puzzling, but brilliant mixture of deviant songs, electro pop and IDM-influenced numbers [...] made with a real talent."