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2005 : Lazy Eyes EP

A l'écoute de mon disque "The Bontempi Sessions", certains auditeurs ont été gênés par le chant en français sur la plupart des chansons. En 2005, j'ai donc réalisé ce mini-album, comportant les deux chansons en anglais de "Bontempi Sessions", et trois nouveaux morceaux : "Awake", une chanson à propos d'une ville traversée de nuit (version live et clip sur youtube) ..."Ocean" un intrumental de 9 minutes, et le morceau "Lazy Eyes", dont on retrouvera une version différente sur "Wasted Waves of Love" en 2007.

2008 : Mes fans auront remarqué que j'ai finalement fait une nouvelle pochette pour ce disque...(avec l'aide de Gilles) la précédente ne m'a jamais vraiment plu...

01 Work
02 Haunted
03 Lazy eyes (version 2005)
04 Awake
05 Ocean

Lazy Eyes

I think I can’t escape, I’m trapped inside your eyes
That blend of cruelty and tenderness behind
But as I’ve come to know you better
I see you got no will and that makes you bitter
So you only open your mouth to put down everything and everyone

You are so lazy, that’s a fact
But I can’t get away, I think I’m trapped
Inside those lazy eyes of you
You are so lazy, that’s a fact
But I can’t get away, I think I’m trapped
Inside those lazy eyes of you, of you

I think I know so well just how it’s going to end
I know what boys like you think of boys like me
But as much as I can, I try to maintain
This uncertain state that cause nothing but pain
Even though I know it gets us nowhere
But I know that make a move could break the spell
I know those kind of eyes are not worth anything
But only boys like you have got those kind of beautiful eyes



Heart going slow
Faraway lights glow
but through the closest windows
Nothing but shadows
Those houses seem empty
Dull colours of reality
It all feels like a ghost town
And i'm feeling so alone

And as if I was wandering
Inside those houses
I see the people sleeping
I see their tortured faces
And I'd like to see their dreams
As if they were films
Are they full of hope?
Or scary like ghosts?
Are they made of this matter
That easily shatters
Which children's dreams are made of?
Are they dreams about changing it all?

But no, this town is dead, dead, dead
A ghost town, where are all the people?
They're all asleep, they have to wake up too early tomorrow
They all want to be rich so that they could buy
Houses that look like graves where their dreams could die
Their lives mean nothing
They don't even wonder why they're so unhappy
They don't even wonder if the world could be changed
No, I'm the only one alive
I'm the only one awake

but maybe I'm just wrong
Maybe they all have a goal
I wish I knew
I wish I could ask them
I’d like to know if I'm really different
All in all, I wish I'm not
I just wanted to come closer
I thought it'd better this way
Until yesterday I was someone else
But I still have the same fears