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Press review

(original reviews in french, translated below)

About new album "D'autres chemins" (2012) :
excerpt :
"Some people can show you the world in a different light, make it more beautiful or colorful, or just ...different. Just with some music and vocal colors, can rebuild the universe for the time of a few songs, make you fly, travel with the autumn leaves. Some musical painters can make you forget that everyday life exists. Some people like parisian native Skyscraper and his 3rd album, D’Autres Chemins.[...] showing a certain courage in displaying his music's diversity, yet retaining a coherence with his easily-recognizable voice. [...] melodies are full of fairytale magic [...] one can only remember the name of this sound creator, this delicate singer. The travel that he proposes, lets us moved, or confused, but in any case doesn't let indifferent."
"A UFO... that's what this album is. A wonderful folk track, wrapped in soft electronics ("Nothing But Time") sets the tone, from the firsts notes, for a grand, intimist opus. But then, what follows is a puzzling but brilliant mixture of deviant songs ("Le Capitaine Capillaire"), electro pop ("Happen Again and Again…") and IDM-influenced numbers ("Jacqueline"). Rather incoherent, but made with a real talent."
extraits :
[Skyscraper] takes us along his travels, flirting skillfully with different styles. « Nothing but time » is a pop/folk daydream, nicely written... Skyscraper is also talented for electronica with french lyrics, another side of the project."

Older (2005-2009) :

« Skyscraper delivers an aerial pop sound... guitar, drum machine, poetic lyrics, a very peculiar world... a UFO. »
Virgin Radio Troyes, april 2009

« Skyscraper [...] perfectly represents audacious electro-pop. Benoît Cassina, a very inspired songwriter , [...] grants us with a very personal record, exploring various territories [...] Tracks such as "Leave" or the excellent "The Minister of Winter" show the boy's potential. [...] a stunning vocal performance [...] an impressive record, touching in its sincerity. Go for it ! », october 2007

« [...] songs Lazy Eyes or June Will Be Better make new-wave icebergs collide with more current sound & rythm experiments. City Streets brilliantly explores melodic landscapes, with an acoustic guitar progressively disturbed by electronics as the track progresses. [...] The touching track The Ministry Of Winter wins it all [...] That strange blend conceals beautiful surprises and promises.», august 2008

« Benoit Cassina's music is reassuring because it proves one can be nourished by multiple influences and still be creative. With one hand he triturates trip-hop, caresses pop, flirts with coldwave, and with the other hand he plays melodies with heartfelt sensitivity and a care for detail. Electronic treatments, either violent or subtile, put the final touch to an album filled with promises.»
Longueur d'Ondes,
winter 2007-2008

« Skyscraper makes The Cure enter Kid A's digital-sensitive world.[…] We now wait for a full LP. Intensely. », 2006

« Skyscraper's music is powerful, sincere, and you can just notice this ability to write catchy melodies and strong rythms… », august 2005

« Skyscraper conciliates pulsions and emotions to a great result. », 2005

(translation by Skyscraper)