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Remixes (2002-2005)

I love to realise remixes. I cut, copy, paste, change structures, introduce new chords, new instruments, add some psychedelism, put everything through filters and treatments. And in the end, the original songs become, in a way, Skyscraper songs... that's why i decided to compile them.

I remixed The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Bang" in 2002 just for fun (and to train myself).
Dominique A's "Dobranoc" was electrified in 2004 for a remix contest.
I focused on the chicken that's eaten by the protagonists in Cali's "Dolorosa" in 2005, once again for a contest.
"Sonnez l'alarme" was sent in space in 2005 after the band La Mingua asked me to do something with it.
Cream's "I feel free" traveled to Brazil, and then Katmandu, just for fun, in 2005.

The sleeve's picture is taken from a video by my friend Gilles, realised for my song "Le Syndrome Saez". Thanks !

01 I feel free (A short trip to Brazil)
Dolorosa (Special Chicken Psychotik Re-mix) / excerpt from original song
03 Bang (Strange Dance Mix)
Dobranoc (Avant l'aube Mix)
05 I feel free (Summer of Love Psychedelic Choir)
06 Sonnez l'alarme (La Mingua in Space Dub)

internet bonus :
Our Dance original track : Wax Tailor
Music for 18 Musicians original track : Steve Reich