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2008 : The Covers EP

This record gathers tunes I played live several times in 2006, and that i finally recorded in 2007. I like the fact that those songs come from various backgrounds (french & english lyrics, from the 60's to the 80's...) because it reflects my eclectic influences. I rearranged the songs, trying to make something new and personnal, without betraying their spirit.

"After the Gold Rush" (Neil Young) : I first knew of this song thanks to Radiohead who covered it at a live show. I reckon the opening part of my cover is a reminiscence of Radiohead's version.

"Des Heures Hindoues" (Etienne Daho) : Etienne Daho is a french singer, emblematic of early 80's synthetic pop. This song, one of his most famous, is about late night melancoly. I chose the voice/guitar option for this cover.

"Beautiful Land" (Nina Simone) : One of my favorite artists, everything she sings is so moving. This tune is far from being well-known, but I like its dreamy, naive feeling, like a nursery rhyme...

"Chanson du forçat" (Serge Gainsbourg) : (The title means "convict song", a song about the value of freedom...) This one I never played live actually, but I went through a kind of Gainsbourg obsession (and especially for this song) some time in 2006, at the time I recorded the other songs. I think my cover is very "gainsbourian" even if it's very different from the original (for which Gainsbourg said he tried to copy Dylan, another hero of mine...) For this track I heavily sampled a "Unsung Heroes" track ; and I like to think Gainsbourg himself would have like the idea : he often acknowledged his debt to his contemporaries...

Finally, I realize the link between those diverse songs may be the lyrics, which all evoke some ideal "out-of-there", some place out of sigh that may be reached though...

01. After the Gold Rush
02. Des Heures Hindoues
03. Beautiful Land
04. Chanson du Forçat